Saving Links in PDF

Johan Attali bio photo By Johan Attali

After loosing an hour over this, I figured it could be worth it to simply post this tip to save some people the trouble.

Ever wondered how you could word document links in a pdf file ? If you're using a Mac and thought the PDF Print option would do it, well you're only partially right. It does keep the blue underline formatting but simple strips the link and prevents anyone reading the PDF from ever looking at your wonderful href.

After digging into this I realized the only free option available was do go through Google Drive. The flow is:

  1. Save Word document.
  2. Upload to Google Drive. Do NOT convert.
  3. Get the OpenAsPDF app (now called LuminPDFViewer. Its a Google Drive App.
  4. Open with LuminPDFViewer.
  5. Use the Save As dialogue or the floppy disk icon (hah - anyone remember those?) to Save back to your computer.
  6. Before saving, change the .doc extension to .pdf. Voila!

This answer is is from an old thread, and is the only thing that worked for me.